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my_job_sucks's Journal

Somebody's Got A Case Of the MONDAYS!
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At some point in all of our lives, we've had to work crappy jobs. Maybe you're at one right now. Your boss is stupid, your co-workers are gossip mongers, and someone keeps stealing your lunch from the communal refrigerator.

WELCOME to your sanctuary!

This community has been created with the common goal of bitching/complaining/whining about our current (or former) jobs. You want to write a faux letter to your boss telling him that your dog is smarter than him? GO AHEAD! You want to complain about the woman who wears too much perfume in the cubicle next to you? PLEASE DO. Did you apply for a job as an Office Assistant and have suddenly found yourself fetching your boss's dry-cleaning? WE NEED TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR PAIN! (and trust me- I'm sure a couple of people have had to do worse)

We want you to tell us your absolutely most HORRID stories. AND THEN we are going to TOP them.

This community is moderated by chemchick80

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