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Intro post/first vent.

Well, I'm new to this community. After watching Clerks only moments ago and having a very shitty night at work, I felt the need to look up a community on job-hate.

I'm twenty and I go to college full time. I also take care of my two year old neice and help my mom with certain necessary expenses. Tight on money??? You could say that.

So I've been working at Target for almost four months now and I've been passed around between cashier, Food Avenue attendant, and guest service clerk. At the moment, I've been steadilly scheduled to work Food Avenue (the in-store Pizza Hut that we have). It's the worst damned job I have ever had in my life. The food industry sucks to begin with, but let me explain to you why this particular one is shitting on me. For one, the Food Avenue manager doesn't know a damn thing about what she's doing. She's fairly nice - fairly. But, for the love of God, she has never properly trained me - at all - and still she expects me to close down all of Food Avenue (on a busy weekend I'll have you) by myself. And when I ask her how to do something, she doesn't know and I have to bullshit my way through the task until I eventually get it done right. And to top that off, I get a "talking to" the next day when certain things haven't been done. Well, F-U. I would have done my job right if you had done yours. And the second thing I hate about Food Avenue is that the people I have to work with don't do shit. It's just a little hole for them to hide out in and talk on their cellphones, and then I have to pick up the slack, and then we're behind and certain things don't get done, and finally I have to get a "talking to" when a higher manager isn't satisfied with the place.

Complete BS.

Getting off of Food Avenue, I only get $7.75 (maybe $8 - not sure yet). That is just...horrible pay. And I'm scraping bottom as it is with numerous, numerous things going on in my life right now. I can't afford to quit this job, but for the love of Christ, I cannot afford to keep it. There has got to be better paying jobs out there. I know there is. I just...I'm so steady and set in with the job. The whole Cheers thing - "Everyone knows your name".

I dunno. All I do know is, working this job gives me insomnia and headaches. I hated retail to begin with. Now I not only hate retail but the food industry. I just wanna be a damned artist. I don't wanna deal with all this bull.

God. I'm having a "talk" with my high manager on thursday. Hopefully afterwords, she'll get me out of Food Avenue and I'll be a specialist - a cashier again in the very least. Hopefully a specialist *crosses fingers, toes, and all extremities* because that's a significant pay raise.

Anyway, this was a particularly long post because I really, really needed to vent. Does anyone have a problem with my cussing??? I do it quite often, especially when I'm angry and frustrated, but I can cut that out if it bothers y'all.

I'm sure I'll be posting again in a few days. Have a good week at work everyone. ^_~

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