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schnucks is the devil

I work in a grocery chain in St Louis called Schnucks. A few background points. I am still recovering from a strike in october. I wasn't out for too long, only a month. (BTW great to hear you guys in california are back) The job sucked before, but now it is complete and utter trash. Here's why;

1) Hour cuts. I used to get a steady 35-40 hours a week. Now I get 27. I cannot afford bills on 27 hours a week.
2) One condition of our new crappy contract is that we get a 25 cent raise in november 2004. November! Nothing right now, nothing to help us outta the slump from not having any income for a month. NOTHING. 25 cents a year for the next 3 years. So in 2007 I will be making 75 cents more than I am now. Schnuck's average price of a 2 litre bottle of soda before the strike, 1.09. Now they charge 1.69 for a bottle of soda. Let's do the math here. You're gonna pay us 75 cents more over the next 3 years, yet you up the price of mere soda bottles 60 cents in the span of a 3 months. That's just soda. How much is food gonna go up? Gas? Electric? Heating? My mother's heating bill rose 12 dollars in 2 weeks she said. At my current raise, I would hafta work for 48 years to afford the increase in heating alone.
3) We don't get anything for working there except paychecks. Most places are nice and let employees have a discount of even 5%. If we get any kind of discount at Schnucks, we get investigated by Loss Prevention and most likely fired.
4) More work. I work in a video rental department. I have to rent customers their videos. We also sell the state lottery, admission tickets to almost every major event in St Louis, we order and manage the cigarette inventory, sell cigarettes, and rent carpet steam cleaners. It sounds like an easy job but every single thing has a different computer. At any given time I have to be able to operate 7 totally different computer systems. As well as make sure the 4 other services we offer are covered and the customers get what they want. Enter the hour cuts. Enter management in all its brialliance deciding that we need to run the One Hour photo lab too. They move the photo machine into Video Rental. They take cigarettes out to make room. Now we have to put up with managing a photo lab too. Cigarettes are supposed to be part of Customer Service desk now, but we still order them because they don't know how yet. Hours get cut, more people come back here to develop film, there is almost never more than one person behind the counter to work all this stuff, and they are still trying to get us to do more. Customers complain about the wait. We get lectured by management for not helping customers properly, even though we are being run ragged trying to accomplish everything. I work in a rich stuck up nieghborhood so everyone thinks they're god's gift to the earth. And for only 25 cents more a year.
5) Managers are assholes. Customer damn near runs me over. Tells me to move out of the way in an asshole voice. Comes from 20 feet away to get in my face and give me more attitude about it, and the manager says I should have apologized. I felt physically threatened, and I'm supposed to apologize. Craig Schnuck, you fucking asshole, if I ever get hurt by a customer when I'm in your store, you're never gonna be done paying me after I file lawsuit.
6) Customers get away with everything. Customer returns empty bottle of 40$ wine and says it didnt taste right. Customer gets another bottle. This kinda shit goes on all day. Employee takes a drink out of a 35 cent milk carton that he was waiting in line to pay for, employee gets fired and labeled a criminal.

I could easily post more but I'm tired now and this one's prolly long enough :S
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