Mrs. Flappyia McMallard ((not my real name)) (babymallard) wrote in my_job_sucks,
Mrs. Flappyia McMallard ((not my real name))

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I wish I was a millionaire so I could quit and tell them all to fuck themselves!!!!!

Well as if it wasn't enough that our Instant Messenger got taken away that I end up getting in serious shit about using AIM EXPRESS!!!!! Blah blah blah this company has rules and you didn't follow them blah blah blah....
Oh man was I yelled at at reamed out yesterday for it! "If it happens again you will be fired...."
Goddammit like I care!!! I was HOPING THEY'D fire my ass!! Unemployment is only $30 less a week than what I am making now!!! Bring it on!
Who ratted you ask? Asshole coworkers of course! I am sure they are looking to kiss ass or whatnot so what better way to ratt out one of your own. Today I went on E-Bay for all of 30 seconds when my boss comes flying over to my cube and starts letting me have it. Apparantly she'd been "TIPPED OFF" that I was on the internet!!

Oh and everyone else gets to do what they want!!! But if I do something for a minute the shit gets hurled at me. I have never wanted to get fired before until now. Just fire me you fuckers!!!! What are you waiting for? I am tired of your bullshit!!
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