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Hmm, I need to add "dogwalker" to my resume.

Yep, my job sucks -- here's why...

I'm a receptionist at a real estate office. Normally, it's weekends only but if the office manager (Scott) needs time off, I fill in.

I've been here all week. Today, since his partner (as in boyfriend) can't take care of their dog -- guess who gets that job? ME!. So I'm watching Henry, the Diva Puli. I've had to walk him, (I decided to be an ass and not clean up after him this time), give him water and a treat (since he won't play nice unless you bribe him), and now tie him up since he barked at some people here to fix the voice mail system. You see, Henry hates and will bark at...

  • Bike messengers
  • Other dogs
  • Anyone who dresses "crusty" I don't know how he makes the distinction but he does.

    So yes, while I love dogs, he's like taking care of J-Lo -- on the other hand, I appreciate my cat that much more.
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