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A Bitch is a Bitch is a Bitch... (x-posted)

... and my extern supervisor is a petty, conniving, calculating BITCH.

Those are strong words and I rarely feel such a powerful dislike for anyone so allow me to vent. I don't do it often.

There are four of us on my doctor's staff (and a total of five doctors in the office): Brenda, who's a sweet older lady who doesn't bother anyone and just does her work. Her job is to schedule appointments and refill prescriptions. She does all of this at the front desk. She doesn't handle the charts and never goes back to the exam rooms. She has no reason to (this is important). Then there's Donna (who's just as pleasant and helpful as Brenda), Sheri (the office manager. She's been there 10 yrs and has the doctor's ear) and me. The three of us split the duties of the front office (like filing, faxing) and back office (like assisting the doctor with exams).

For the last three weeks, I've observed the type of person my supervisor, Sheri, is. I've overheard her telling flat out lies to the doctor about other MAs (medical assistants) because of whatever personal vendetta she has against them, she spends more time socializing than working most days, she constantly passes blame when something goes wrong (which I think is a terrible characteristic in a leader. Not to mention after I saw these things and fished around a bit, there were plenty of stories involving Sheri doing exactly what I saw and then some.) But she never directed any of her negativity towards me so I never really cared.

Friday, I had to prepare a patient for a stress test which includes connecting them to an EKG attached to a treadmill and filling out a simple form along with a patient consent before the doctor sees the patient. So that's exactly what I did and exactly what I have done every day for the last two weeks with no problem. I left the paperwork on the outside of the door (normally I take them to the doctor but Donna was working with a different staff this day so I had to get to the next patient. However, leaving them in the door is perfectly acceptable as well.)

By the time I finished with the next patient, the doctor had completed the stress test, and in front of the patient and the staff she proceeded to point to a BLANK form and explained that she has better things to do with her time than fill out forms that should already be completed (which means she was super mad because she never does this in front of a patient). I tried to interject but she wasn't having any of that. So, my plan was to let her finish, grab the forms from the door, and show her it was all a misunderstanding and that I wouldn't make such a simple error. But when I went to retrieve the forms, they were gone. I walked back to the front desk confused about what happened, when Sheri rushed over to me to say that perhaps Brenda grabbed the forms and handed the doctor blank ones by mistake. 

This petty, conniving, calculating BITCH!

Firstly, I never said the forms that I filled out were missing. So I found it very suspicious that Sheri knew the concern on my face was from the missing forms and not just from being chewed out. Secondly, Brenda never EVER goes to the exam rooms so she had no reason to grab the forms nor does she prepare those types of forms for the doctor so she wouldn't have handed the doctor any such paperwork.

But Sheri would.

She took my forms from the door, replaced them with blank ones and then blamed Brenda. Who does that?

A petty, conniving, calculating BITCH. That's who.

I'm still pissed but I consider it a lesson learned. I'm not even going to accept the job offer now, although I really need it and I like the doctor and the other staff. I cannot have a boss that will go out of her way to work against me and set me up to fail. I can't even wrap my mind around such a person. I've never experienced anything like this in any job I've ever had. The hardest thing for me to undersand is why she did it. I'm on time every day and give 100% because I genuinely enjoy the work- I don't even take my breaks. I'm a fast learner and have not made the same mistake twice. I return from lunch on time AND I am pleasant to everyone- including Sheri. I'm very proactive and always help where I can whether it's my responsibility or not. For example, last week the doctor mentioned she needs more room for patient charts. So, in between the normal routine, I am making my way through each and every chart individually (and there are hundreds) to determine which ones to file and which ones to send to storage. That is just the type of person and co-worker I am. Teamwork makes the dreamwork, right? And I don't get paid for my externship. So I do all of this for free.

So, I repeat, my extern supervisor is a petty, conniving, calculating BITCH.

bitch, please
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Fucking hell, I hate my job. Apparently, Lord o' Leeds Gas has decreed that all advocates (that's House of Gas speak for Helper Monkeys) will do a minimum of three hours 'phone time every day. That's three hours taking meter readings, producing bills and taking card payments. That's three hours of the House's supposedly best and brightest doing a job someone who's been there a month could do, instead of supporting said newcomers and all the other Phone Monkieys with complicated or confusing enquiries that we, the Helper Monkeys, have been specifically fucking trained for.Read more...Collapse )

Intro post/first vent.

Well, I'm new to this community. After watching Clerks only moments ago and having a very shitty night at work, I felt the need to look up a community on job-hate.

I'm twenty and I go to college full time. I also take care of my two year old neice and help my mom with certain necessary expenses. Tight on money??? You could say that.

So I've been working at Target for almost four months now and I've been passed around between cashier, Food Avenue attendant, and guest service clerk. At the moment, I've been steadilly scheduled to work Food Avenue (the in-store Pizza Hut that we have). It's the worst damned job I have ever had in my life. The food industry sucks to begin with, but let me explain to you why this particular one is shitting on me. For one, the Food Avenue manager doesn't know a damn thing about what she's doing. She's fairly nice - fairly. But, for the love of God, she has never properly trained me - at all - and still she expects me to close down all of Food Avenue (on a busy weekend I'll have you) by myself. And when I ask her how to do something, she doesn't know and I have to bullshit my way through the task until I eventually get it done right. And to top that off, I get a "talking to" the next day when certain things haven't been done. Well, F-U. I would have done my job right if you had done yours. And the second thing I hate about Food Avenue is that the people I have to work with don't do shit. It's just a little hole for them to hide out in and talk on their cellphones, and then I have to pick up the slack, and then we're behind and certain things don't get done, and finally I have to get a "talking to" when a higher manager isn't satisfied with the place.

Complete BS.

Getting off of Food Avenue, I only get $7.75 (maybe $8 - not sure yet). That is just...horrible pay. And I'm scraping bottom as it is with numerous, numerous things going on in my life right now. I can't afford to quit this job, but for the love of Christ, I cannot afford to keep it. There has got to be better paying jobs out there. I know there is. I just...I'm so steady and set in with the job. The whole Cheers thing - "Everyone knows your name".

I dunno. All I do know is, working this job gives me insomnia and headaches. I hated retail to begin with. Now I not only hate retail but the food industry. I just wanna be a damned artist. I don't wanna deal with all this bull.

God. I'm having a "talk" with my high manager on thursday. Hopefully afterwords, she'll get me out of Food Avenue and I'll be a specialist - a cashier again in the very least. Hopefully a specialist *crosses fingers, toes, and all extremities* because that's a significant pay raise.

Anyway, this was a particularly long post because I really, really needed to vent. Does anyone have a problem with my cussing??? I do it quite often, especially when I'm angry and frustrated, but I can cut that out if it bothers y'all.

I'm sure I'll be posting again in a few days. Have a good week at work everyone. ^_~

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If you work in an office, you would think you would know how to spell it.

I don't know about you, but I work in an OFFICE, not an OFFIC.

She does it EVERY SINGLE TIME she has to spell the damned word.
n   eed to le   t go 2NDAUGUST03

Long Overdue Harrassment

Wednesday was incredible in the worst way: My boss harrassed me again! When I had first been interviewed for this job, it was at a time when I found out that my dad's cancer condition wasn't improving, but on the contrary, only getting worse. So, I had promised him and everyone else in my family that I would plan a trip to see him in Texas this summer. I made sure to tell Mr. Fox, the guy in charge of all mentors at all libraries, so that he'd know that I would be going on vacation. I also made sure to ask him if this would affect my chances of getting the job, because if it would, I actually wouldn't care. Me going to see my ill father is much more important than any job, but Mr. Fox said it wouldn't affect my position and at the end of the interview he told me that I got the job afterall. That was on May 18th. Since that time, we've been keeping in touch through e-mail and phone conversations and he's asked me about when I'd be leaving.

Now, I know it's protocol in any job to inform your immediate supervisor when you're supposed to be going on vacation, but my supervisor is a bitch. You can't just simply let her know when you're supposed to be leaving (and ususally when someone says that they have to leave, it's because it wasn't planned-aka an emergency!), you have to request time off, properly (her words, not mine). She told me to send her an e-mail a while back about when I'd be leaving for vacation and I told her anywhere from July 16th and that I'd be returning on the 30th. i told her that I already discussed this with Mr. Fox and he says it's cool. She e-mails me back saying "the statement 'i will be leaving' is less of a request and more of information, therefore it is not appropriate. Please e-mail me to properly request time off and why." She also sent me an e-mail saying that "it is library policy to give a 30 days notice when you're thinking about taking off for vacation." I don't get it--Is it because she thinks that I'm undermining her "authority" by asking Mr. Fox instead of her since she's my immediate supervisor (when in reality, I asked him about the vacation since day one) or is it because I stated that I will be leaving on July 16th, instead of asking "can I leave on the 16th?"? I mean, what the hell is wrong with this lady? She's so petty that it's ridiculous. She sent that e-mail on July 1st, but being that I was tied up all weekend with a paper and studying, etc, I basically couldn't get to the e-mail. There's no work on Monday, July 4th (library's not open), so I go in on tuesday and I only work 2 hours on that day. My boss hands me 5 appointment slips to take care of on Wednesday, which I put into this little binder that all mentors are given.

The next day, I take out all of the slips and I enter them into the computer. She comes into work late that day, aroung 6:15 pm. For some reason, I knew she was going to pick a fight with me about the vacation thing, because who would she be if she she didn't go and do that? In any case, I'm know it's coming, it's just a matter of time. So around 7 pm, she comes into computer room as I'm working with a chinese student, Sui May, and she says "Nancy, I sent you an e-mail the other. You didn't get back to me, what's the matter? I paused because I didn't want to tell her the truth: When I saw the e-mails at home on July 1st when she sent them, I was going to forward them to Mr. Fox ask his advice on how to approach this situation. I didn't get around to sending the e-mail because of the english paper I had to write. I wanted Mr. Fox to contact her and to let her know that we've already talked about it. I told her that Mr. Fox said it was cool and she says "no, you asked mr. fox about taking off, but you didn't ask me. You're supposed to ask me and you're supposed to e-mail me with a request for time off and adhere to the 30 days notice. If you have an issue with Mr. Fox, then take it up with him. That's for the two of you to discuss."

She walked away and naturally, I assume it's over, so I go back to helping Sui May and 5 minutes later she screams my name and startles the hell out of me: "I thought I just said for you to e-mail me with a request for time off? Where's the e-mail?!" Ms. Hopkins, Mr. Fox- "I know what Mr.Fox said. And as a matter of fact, he told me that he told you that you had to ask me for permission."But Ms. Hopkins- "There's no buts about it. Get to the e-mail. I know, but- "What is it that you don't understand? It's really not that hard. Send the e-mail. There's no 'but I know about it!" When I go to the inside office room, I get on the computer to type up the e-mail, but first I'm going to send the e-mail, the one that I intended to send to Mr. Fox. At this point, this is considered harassment. Besides the fact that she yelled at me, she yelled at me in front of the students, which was uncalled for. Later on was much worse. She proceeded to bagger me by constantly walking into the room and demanding to know where the e-mail was and why it hadn't been sent since 2 minutes had elapsed since she had asked earlier (mind you, this lady has a basic literacy class to teach for 2 hours and this is the crap that she decides to make her focal point of attention. Once again, petty and lame).

Over and over, she baggers me: "where is the e-mail?!" I don't understand why it's taking so long!" I keep assuring her that I'm writing it and she keeps saying "this is ridiculous". Finally when she realizes what I am doing, she stands behind me and tries to read the e-mail. She walks up and says "what is this?" and then grabs the mouse and scrolls down the e-mail and begins to read it! She points out that this isn't the request she asked for, this is an e-mail to Mr. Fox. I, feeling sort of helpless at this point say "um, this e-mail is sort of private." She replies by saying "no, actually it's library policy for me to be allowed to check your e-mail especially during the time you're on library and duty and getting paid during library time." "Even with private e-mails?" "That's with all e-mails." Folks, just so you know, in ANY STATE this is considered unlawful. How dare you go and fucking "help yourself" to my e-mail? "I don't think so, Ms. Hopkins. "Well, you can take it up with the HRD Dept. It's library policy (notice how when she doesn't anything even remotely 'iffy', she justifies it by saying "it's library policy").

"Anyways, why has it taken you so long to reply to the e-mail when I left a printed copy of it on Tuesday?"
"I did not see it."
"It was in the binder with the slips right there. How could you not see it?"
"All I saw were the slips, that's all. And the slips were what I worked on today, as well as helping the students and preparing my Monthly report."
"So, you're telling me that you didn't see the copy of the e-mail on tuesday? I find that hard to believe."
"I did not see the printed copy of the e-mail. I have LOTS of printed copies of e-mails in the binder; trust me that won't stand out. The reason why the slips did is because I saw them there because I was the one that put them there. And because you specified to me to work on them today."
"So, you're telling me that you've never seen this e-mail before?" "I saw it when you sent it to me, yes, but I didn't get a chance to reply."
"Why is that?"
"Because I had a paper to write and school work to study."
"Your story doesn't add up!"
(I go to Hunter College. Ask Prof. Benjamin if she assigned us a paper. And ask Prof. Hampe if we weren't supposed to take two online quizzes over the weekend.)
"Are you accusing me of lying? Why would I see a printed copy of an e-mail that you're clearly adamant about my replying to and just stay there and not reply to it? I told you that I had a lot of school work over the weekend, but if I saw the printed copy of the e-mail, then for sure I would've got to it by now, but clearly I didn't see it!"
"Well, what's taking so long? You've had like 20 minutes-no actually 30 minutes-no actually you've had today and yesterday to get back to me. I don't understand, it's not that hard! It's not rocket science!"
"I haven't had 2 days or thirty minutes. Definitely not 30 minutes because it doesn't take that long for me to type up an e-mail."
"Well then, get to it!"

At this point, I am ticked off, but I am keeping my cool because afterall this bitch is still my supervisor. She walks back and says:
"Just so you know, the library has a policy about insubordination, Nancy, and you're stretching a fine line on it."
"Ms. Hopkins, I don't think I'm being insubordinate. I feel like you're being rude to me. You keep yelling at me snd walking in here every two minutes to check your e-mail and then you stand behind me and taunt me by saying 'I haven't received the e-mail yet, what's taking so long? You're telling me all this stuff and I'm trying to take it all in, but god, you're not giving me a chance here."
"I'm not being rude, I'm just giving you what you're giving me. You're the one that's being rude. The library has a policy on insubordination. Remember, I'm your supervisor. I'm your supervisor. I'm your supervisor. I'm your supervisor. And you're supposed to do what I ask, and right now you're not doing that."
"Ms. Hopkins, I'm going to do what you ask, please just give me 5 minutes."
"No, there's no 5 minutes! This should have been done a long time ago. All of this other stuff that you're doing is ridiculous. You're supposed to type up the e-mail so that you can get back to work and help the students (excuse me, isn't that what I was doing before you pulled me out of the technology room to pick a fight with me? I swear, this lady is so selfish!).
"What is it? Is it because you feel that I asked Mr. Fox instead of you, first? Or is it because I said in my e-mail "I will be leaving" that's bothering you? I told you that we already talked about this- me and Mr. Fox."
"That's all you keep saying-I talked about this with Mr.Fox-that's great, but you're supposed to notify me and ask me for time off, not mr. fox because he's not your immediate supervisor. It's not that hard. What is it that you don't understand?" "
You keep asking me 'what is it that I don't understand'. I understand just fine. I just honestly feel like you're being condescending. You keep saying 'it's not that hard' and you're just being all around disrespectful."
"I'm not being condescending, Ms. Nancy, I'm being direct. Clearly, you're not understanding the assignment or else you would've had it done by now."

She walks over to the computer I'm on and grabs the mouse and proceeds to basically delete the message I was typing by clicking on the "Mail" tab (I have hotmail). I say to her "Ms. Hopkins, what are you doing? Why did you just delete my message?" "Because like I said before, this is library policy. You can take it up with the HR Dept if you want. Oh my god, this is not happening to me. Does this lady really have the audacity to do this? On the "Mail" tab she selects "compose new mail message" and I say "Ms. Hopkins, sign me out. Sign me out right now. I think I better leave." The average New Yorker would've laughed at me by now.
She says "No, you're going to type up the e-mail." "No, i'm not. Sign me out, please." "No, I'm not signing you out, type up the e-mail." She walks away and I grab the mouse and sign out of my hotmail account. I tell her "I'm signing out and I'm leaving." I stand up and grab my bookbag and she stands and put her hand in front of the door as if to trap me (basically like a rapist telling his victim, "you're not going anywhere") and she looks me in the eye and says "are you forfeiting the assignment?" "Yes, I am." "Then you have to leave, and you're going to be written up." I walk out and go home.

The thing is, I've called Mr. Fox several times and I've e-mailed him. He has not got back to me. I'm not going to wait around for this to fly over his head. This is not the first time Ms.Hopkins has harrased me-this is actually the 2nd time. The monthly report that is supposed to be turned on 8th of every month was not submitted because I wrote a note to myself to remember to take the work home, but amidst all the nonsense that occured on Wednesday, I forgot and therefore could not e-mail it to him. That satisfied Ms. Hopkins, because when Fri, July 8th rolled around she has already sent an e-mail to me about not submitting the monthly report and she CCed that e-mail to Mr. Fox. Not mention the second e-mail that had the weekly scheduled attached to it--and whatta know? I'm scheduled this whole week. So clearly, she made a mountain out of a mole hill for no reason when she knew she would schedule me.

What I'd like to know is, what measures do I take for this situation. Ms. Hopkins was clearly out of line here, and I wasn't going to be rude to her. If I get fired, it's not going to be because of my conduct or work performance. It's going to be because Ms. Hopkins has it out for me. My job has a Harrassment and Retaliation Policy. Where do I go from there?

Beware of Men in Rainbow Ascots

Today I went to work after four days off and we were busy....very busy. After the mini vacation, I'll admit I was feeling every minute of the tidal wave of orders pouring into the kitchen. Finally 10 o'clock rolls arrives. I give it about ten minutes and I run the x report on the register. That's when it happened.

An older man in his late sixties perhaps a well preserved septuagenarian makes his way into our restaurant with a younger woman and a boy in his early teens. The man wore a grey suit with a rainbow patterned ascot, and feathered grey hair. The only thing more blatant than his choice of haberdashery was the quantity of Old Spice he had pickled himself in previous to his arrival.

"Helloooooooooo", the man greeted me in the well mannered manic tones of William Shatner, " My name is.....Wiiiiiiiliaaaaaaaaam."

"Hello William"

"I......would like to order...........a pizza!" He proclaimed.

"Oh, well, I am sorry William, We are closed. Sorry."

"Ooooooh noooooo! That's......terrible! What shall we doooooo!" Lamented William. "You see......we have traveled....you see. Traveled.......from Kirkland......for 'The Famous......Zeeks......Pizza!"

"Wow, Sorry to hear it. We have recently opened a store in Kirkland. Unfortunately they are closed as well"

"May I....order a pizza?" he challenged.

"No, I'm sorry we are closed. I just ran my report, so I can't ring it up...Sorry"

"I'll pay you."


"I'll pay....twice...the price!" He sang.

"Yeah sorry, But we are closed"

"I....am Wiiiilliammmmmm", he restated. "You are?"

"Drew" I replied.

"DREWWWWWW! A Wonderful name!"

"Ummm. Yes it is."

"This is my compatriot Dr. (cant recall the name). She....is a Doctor!"


"This......is her son......Sebastian."


"Drew says 'The Famous Zeeks Pizza' is closed. What Shall we do?" He explained. "Where shall we eat?" he asked me.

"Beth's Cafe is open 24 hours"

"Have they.............Pizza?"


"Ah ahem.....we crave....pizza!"


"Ahh....but they are no match for 'The Famous Zeeks Pizza'!!!" He boasted

"Few are." I sighed with exasperation.

He then borrowed our phone and ordered from Domino's....it took him 15 minutes to place his order. He jotted down the address and telephone number as well as written documentation of the pizza he ordered and the price.

He then makes his way towards me.....Oh God...here we go again.

"This is what I ordered. It cost $22.95! That is a bargain....however no match for (you guessed it) 'The Famous Zeeks Pizza'. Here is their address and telephone number." Pointed meticulously with his overly perfumed digit. "Perhaps it would be of use to others."

"Perhaps" my will to live escaping my body as the words escaped my lips.

"I am going to tip the driver $10. As we live down the road" he bragged. I rolled my eyes through closed lids at recollection of his tales of traveling from Kirkland.
"Two dollars is a suitable tip. Five.........tremendous. My tip of ten dollars is rather......philanthropic don't you think?" He got no response other than a smirk and stiffled laughter. He then Waved the ten in my face. "Perhaps you have a fresher bill....a crisper ten in your drawer that I could exchange this for?"

"Once again...The drawer is CLOSED!" I said slowly as if to a mildly retarded child.

"Have you a business card?"

"No Sir I haven't" I sighed

He suddenly flinches as if I had swung at him with closed fist, "Ahhh, well the best us travel......incognito"

"I have to lock up sir" I hinted as I walked him toward the door. He then decided to take a red pepper shaker with him. I took it from his hands.

"This will stay here sir."

"Perhaps....I could purchase some red pepper."

"The register is closed"

"Perhaps you could sprinkle some into a napkin? For me to take?"

"Domino's will have some" I said easing him out the door


"Good Night William" I exclaimed as I closed the door and snapped the lock shut.

Welcome to a day in the life of a restaurant manager.
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The final countdown - my last days at big corporate assrape hell....

x-posted to my journal @ rightonhigh5

*flash reverse 3 weeks*

I put my notice in at my suck-ass job and then - the Friday after my notice went in (I put it in 3 weeks ago, Monday), my boss crocodile tears to me about how she wants me to stay. And she does this for 2 hours after I'm clocked out! I tell her I'll consider it... I did, as I walked down the stairs and to my car, where I realized that she wanted me to stay, but wanted ME to talk to the director of our dept (her boss) on Monday.

Pretty much it was - I want you to stay - but go beg to keep your job to the director. FUCK THAT! So she got to badmouth me and flat-out LIE about me and take credit for my work? Fucking no way!

So I had 12 hours of sick time - I don't use it, I lose it. I used it. Half of Monday, all of Tuesday. Damn right you fucking sons of bitches.

My boss is gone my entire last week at the job. My boss's boss (Director) says NOTHING to me about my resignation. The VP of the dept says NOTHING. Then Wednesday comes along (I'm leaving the job that Friday) and I let my boss know that I wasn't going to stay - and she BEGS me to be there when she gets back in town the following Thursday. AGAIN, asking me, BEGGING ME TO STAY, then telling me to talk to the Director. I asked her if she mentioned to Director Lady that she wants me to stay - she says no, but if I want her to she will.

I am so not kidding. Her email was all "I'm going to change my management sytle (which, from what I hear from my ex-con friends, is a lot like prison anal rape). I'm going to be an advocate for my team. I'm going to try harder to communicate better."

WTF? But you want me to go to the Director and beg to keep my job?

Thursday - day before I'm leaving. I have my *exit interview* in a hurried 15 minute span with the VP of the dept I work in. She asked me to be candid in the 15 mins I had with her - so I laid out my issues:

  • My boss and I don't communicate well. So poorly, in fact, that my first ever communication with teh Director was after my boss didnt' do her job, I did it for her to get it done, then was accused of being a "bad communicator" and "going around the chain of command."

  • Director accused me of "making poor decisions" because when we went to a trade show in NY, I had only $40 with me. I didn't have money for a cab to go from Times Square to JFK for my flight home. Hello? NOT MY JOB TO FIGURE THIS OUT! Why was I the only person out of 60 of us to be flying out of JFK? I don't make enough money to carry around a pockeful of bilils to play in NYC. I got berated in front of other employees too! Fuck!

  • I got HR involved after the communication got so bad with my boss that I was looking for reasons not to be at work. I didnt' feel I could talk to my boss, and defaintely not Director after #1, and I felt that HR would be a neutral 3rd party. After talking to them twice - about 4 months ago, then most recently about 3.5 months ago - HR Director said he'd get with my boss and Director and find out what was up, and we'd all sit down and iron things out. I admitted to being 50% of bad communication, but I wanted to fix things. HR Director never talked to anyone. I found this out the Friday when boss talked to me and I explained that I went to HR.

  • My pay was grossly lower than the national average - the bottom 25th %ile. I was making 31k when the average in my area (the low end, once again) was 49k. I explined this was an epidemic throughout the dept as degreed designers with ~4 years experience under their belts were making less than me. I handed her Salary.com printouts.

  • Gave VP printouts of the emails from my boss from day prior (Wednesday) where she begged me to stay, apologized for being a donkey raping shit eating bitch (paraphrased, of course).

  • I didn't really wanna leave, but the communication was so poor I felt I had no recourse for my own well-being. My boss didnt' want me to leave, she didn't. I had friends there and there was potential.

VP was astounded by all of this. VP said that she wanted me to stay, she really liked me. VP said that a 14% raise wouldn't happen. VP went to find Director. Director was found, ass chewing occured. VP had to get on a plane (this was about 30 mins after my exit interview started) so she left. Director called my boss. More ass chewing. HR Director and HR Manager were in Director's office -more ass chewing. (note: said ass chewing was not my ass, rather the asses of those being talked to in succession)

VP said that she wanted me to stay, liked me. VP said that a 14% raise wouldn't happen. VP had to get on a plane (this was about 30 mins after my exit interview started) so she left.

But who said anything to me? NO ONE!

THEY STILL FUCKING EXPECTED ME TO BEG TO KEEP MY JOB! They knew all along I had a new job to start the next Monday.

Friday at 4:45pm Director sticks head in my cube and says "So I guess you've decided to leave after all."

Unreal. I said - "Well, I guess so."

There was some bullshit chit-chat. Who the fuck gives a crap what she said. I am outta there and am NEVER, EVER going back.
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One of my company's couriers was maced and robbed in a grocery store yesterday while he was replenishing an ATM. He's alright, he wasn't hurt too badly and was back in work today.

The guy walked in, maced him, and got not only the money going in to the ATM, but what he took out of it.

The whole story is in my journal if you're interested, but this sort of makes my Wal-Mart lady sticking her hands in the canister seem like nothing at all.
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