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Hello everyone. I came across this community and decided to join up. I've had some doozies in the past, and my current one runs hot and cold. Some days I love my job, and some days I wonder why in the name of god I took it.

I currently work on an armored truck as the messenger (which means I do all the leg work, delivering to banks and servicing ATMs). Been at it about a year now. Time really flies.

There's a laundry list of things I hate about my job, especially the hours. Sometimes it's too much and sometimes it's too little. Right now, it's too little. I've pulled 75 hours in 5 days, but recently I have been given a day off every week. It's not my choice. But now my checks are all under $700 a piece.

I explained this to the route manager who is the one giving me the days off. I explained that I no longer wanted Mondays off because I was starting to have a lot of trouble paying my bills. He said ok, he'd put me back on Mondays.

I got the schedule for next week. He sure did put me back on for Monday! And I now have Thursday off. It's both hysterical and aggrivating how stupid that was. I wanted the day back to make extra money. So he puts me back on Monday and takes me off on another day. Duh, man!
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