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kharma is gonna kick your ass child-man

yesterday at work, some psycho overgrow child-of-a-man, waltzed into the café. he got angsty in line and i rung him up quickly. but didn't notice that he also had ordered a pastry along with his caffeine, so it took literally two seconds longer to re-ring him up. whoopty fucking doo, it's not like i refused to apologize. then, to not give him warrant for yelling, i asked an assistant manager to transfer me some fives from her drawer, as to avoid giving him mostly ones back for change. a nice request from me as a present for him. the result was, however, a little lackluster. he started to curse at me (sweet lil' ol' me) and said some pretty degrading things. i was in shock that someone would get so angry over something so minuscule, that i just stepped back, and in all reality, just blocked out whatever it was he was shouting. when he ran out of breath, he went to the condiment to grab some cream...but the thought of walking away from yelling at an innocent girl and making his penis noticeably shrink...was too much to take. soo he started up again. yelling. across. the. cafe...........on his way out, i attempting to redeem myself shouted and waved "you have a lovely day sir!" but "the cat came back" as they say...and, i kid you not...this is an aproximent quote..."fuck you! fuck you! you stupid smart ass bitch! why don't you just shut up and go and read one of those gothic magazines! i should throw my coffee on you! how would that feel?!" if i replied to that, i swear it was in blackout, because i do not recall anything except an exceptional assistant manager yelling in her 'imagonnathrowyoudowncauseimabiggirl voice' "what?! oh no you're not! you need to calm down sir. somebody call security!"

i feel as though i've been thrown into diaspora and am living among heathens.

i can't believe he called me a "goth". what an ignorant honky :0P
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